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  • actually its not that hard. i kept physics until the end of the yr and theni dropped it
    oh and some advice, dont do a subject coz it scales u up, doing coz u love doing it
    yeah i wans t a maths person lol i only got 82 for that hahah
    umm i want to get into medicine, but there's a high chance i won't lol cuz its soo hard to get in
    so i want to do something in science/health but im not sure yet

    ahh those are cool subjects
    lol maths isnt that important anyway dw

    my real name is sam
    im guessing yours is julie? lol :)
    Haha did the typical me thing and posted it on my page haha.
    Oh year 10! One of the best years ever, although you just finished it! Poor you, being a senior pretty much sucks!
    Haha like everyone hates the cricket, can't think of many people who really like it. Well except me bahaha. I go for Australia and the Blues. My nationality is well Australian, I'm a white Australian haha. Wbu? Are you Indian like Amogh?
    yeh i'm in year 10, my results were good mostly band 6's cept for history and english (I hate both of them with a passion). How were yours?
    im slack though
    i shoulda helped more =.=
    soz :)
    and i'll give ya crash course some time ;)
    noone else
    OMG btw
    some guy on your fb wall called me a retard ><
    wow 96 in history!!!
    i got band 5 for everything except for the stupid humanity...dude i was 1 mark away from getting band 5 for geo. i did really well in the history sc exam but did shit at schol so it scaled me doooowwwn awwwghhh
    and niiiice subjects! well i used to do phys but i dropped it coz i thought it was gay :)
    im more of a bio person
    and yeah i <3 english
    that's really good!!
    last year i got similar but my only 6 was in maths and i got a 4 in history haha so it's like the opposite of yours :)
    nah im not doin history, im doin the 3 sciences, 4u maths and adv eng. wbu? what did you pick??

    and yeh i go kogarah high too
    what has muhahahahahaha been saying about it haha :)
    Hehe yeah, i guess i'm pretty lucky. But i still have uni to look forward too :/
    If i don't get over 90 i think i'll shoot myself in the foot XD
    Nice nice. A 96 in history is a great result! Congratulations :D
    LOL do you mean, "Which school did you study at?"
    Hello, I'm Sarah.
    Do you go to school? Which year are you in if you do?
    Looking forward to the cricket this week?
    Hey Julie, yep palestinian brooo! hahaha
    anywayz i go to khs also known as kogarah high school
    and Korean eh?? awesome. i like koreans
    oh and im currently doing 4u english, 2u maths, bio, legal studies and ipt
    ur cool too :) ur a prety awesommeeez person
    lol welcome :)
    umm nah i finished year 11, im starting year 12 now
    how were your SC marks?? hope they were good :)
    hey Julie Y (is that ur name?..i like the name julie)
    oh thank you :) im palestinian actually. wbu? oh thats cool..no i just started school young :)
    anywayz id like to know u a bit ore too :)
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