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  • ohh nice I might steal that OM...thing. Yeah I did ok...topped the class (but our class isn't that big). Got 17 out of 20 so yeah I'm satisfied, really would love that 20 / 20 though!! Started the National Studies now. Are you doing Germany?
    haha yer a bit wild xD, howd you go in your modern test? mines on monday its responding to sources...not my strongest point in modern history.
    hey I read your signature and you seem like a really hard working kid :D
    what uai and course are you aiming for?
    good luck and study hard :)
    yer thats good, im trying to put behind my wild year 11 days to focus on HSC. i noticed your doing modern history and willing to share notes, are you doing the WW1 course at the moment?
    aw i hate that friggin teachers but good luck!....yer i probably shouldnt have gone partying on w/e but after getting my subject ranks i was not going to stay at home and celebrate with my parents :)
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