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  • No worries. I saw that you hadn't been on in a while, so I thought you may not see the thread. Just space your downloads out over some time. Hopefully that will keep them happy :) Besides, there's no point downloading 20 albums at once. You'll never get through them quickly enough.
    Hell yes. I went just after Kasabian finished and got a good 2ndish row place. Passion Pit was just before and kinda meh because of where I was though but they're not great live.
    Of course they played O Valencia. Best performance of a band I've seen yet :p How could you pass up seeing them? YouTube - The Decemberists get down - Sydney Big Day Out 22/01/10 . Also, yes that guy is hilarious.
    ohh i stopped using this site when i went on holidays xDD we didnt get our results back but, I think i went ok, my friend helped me out with this way to deal with them OMCARPU or something, Origin, Motive, Context, Reliability Perspective, Usefulness ;P, for the Usefulness to Historian, then for the other i just guessed ;PP, we should get them back soon @_@, did you get yours back?
    Muse were good but not that amazing for me. Decemberists won the day by a large margin. No I didn't see TTT because they clashed with Kasabian. I saw TTT's performance on channel [v] and he seemed pretty off key.
    Yeah they played Back In Black. The way I got to the front is a very long story, but it was epic. At the start of Lily Allen I was at the top of the grandstand at the back, by the end I was in the D. A few people at the front passed out apparently because of the heat + pushing but it was pretty bareable for me, the insane fangirls were my only worry :p I reckon a solo show would do them more justice.
    I hate you. I saw them on the 22nd and they didn't play MK but you didn't get to see New Born so there :p I think I might be going to see them when then come back in November/December. Time Is Running Out takes the cake by far live. I was in the 2nd row at the first BDO with hundreds of screaming fangirls, it was quite an experience.
    I have to say I think it's probably their second worst, OoS being my favourite. MK Ultra is just the best though and I think UD will be epic live.
    Yep. You're definitely on track with the text. Noel choose to disassociate himself from the world, in order to find and individual sense of belonging. By finding the perfect harmony in his own world, he finds his own sense of belonging. Hence, the text shows his belonging with himself and his material possessions (i.e. his home) as opposed to others.This type of belonging is equally as valid as any other.
    Wild eh? xd,and yes im doing WW1 core atm, due to my teachers failness I have been making my own notes which aren't that comprehensive yet ;p.. but ty alot!! making me feel guilty for not studying right now cause i got test on Friday -__-----
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