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  • lol thanks. The only one i know of those are Angus and Julia Stone. So i have a bit of work to do over the summer, thanks! yeh i tend to go for the alternative sorts of music such as Xavier Rudd but i do like some older mainstream stuff like Blink 182 and the classic Beatles but not much of a fan of the over produced stuff out at the moment.
    Ehh, no time for hangovers, gotta study for a Geography, Maths and SOR1 test next week, damn assholes, putting all the term 4 assessments on one week
    Nice form. Nothing like knowing the music you have compiled over your lifetime isnt half bad! I know i've got a bit of music catcher uppering to do now that schools over. Got any recommendations?
    hey thanks for that haha. Well i procrastinated a bit with mine at the beginning cause i thought ' ey, i have a whole year to this', etc. Dont do that, cause you will put it off further and further. best thing to do is get a start on it, even if what have you done is a piece of shit, just build on it.
    Ultimately, the best thing to do, is actually do it haha
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