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  • W0t brah. I suppose you are quite a party animal miss Katherine? (classy aye :p)
    Hahaha fuck. I've never been that drunk tbh. Only tipsy at Nye. I told a male friend that i was in love with him lol. (no homo). That's all i remember haha. =='

    Nocturnal :O :O. Don't bite me! I'm more of a morning person tbh. I sleep uber early usually and then wake up at 4. And then iced coffee usually sustains me through the day!!
    Though that's nice. Why the sudden change? Exams coming up?

    Haha yeah you also have drinking games too?
    Yeah my bro goes to heaps of them. And then comes home at like 3am (party animal). Especially now since the rents are overseas haha. I remember once he drove the car to wollongong and when he came back it was filled with alcohol and steam was coming out from the engine hah!

    Yeah, true, i shall don't worry!! :D Lol they're bad influences on you and your studies :p. I also need to move out to be in the thick of the action.
    Balance isn't a word i'm familiar with. I'm either doing jack all or i'm waking up at 2 just to study.
    Ha. Good.

    I'm at work at 9, usually on the phones before 9:30 and work through until 5pm - half hour lunch at whatever time I want to take it.
    I know. Me getting up at 9?!

    Oh, I'll be gone for about an hour in a few minutes. Going out for lunch with a bunch of people for my friend Kate's birthday (who's also sort of my boss [superior] so, complimentary 1 hour lunch FTW).
    Are they kicking up a fuss? Haha.

    I can acess anything other than Facebook and YouTube... Well, I can log into YouTube, just can't watch anything.

    It looks like I'll mainly be talking to you through these means or similar due to my work hours, btw.
    I don't mind lol.

    Yeah, it 503'd me a million times then logged me out for no reason. Lurve BoS :p.

    So. Three weeks, roughly, until I come see ya.
    is this a funny coincidence or is your name really Katherine Pierce? because i've heard of another Katherine, only she goes by Katerina Petrova and she's 500 yrs old lol
    lol OE posted everyone's real life name in the BOS newfags thread. so everyone knows about it.
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