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  • Got my formal dress =]
    Short at the front, long at the back!
    It's gold-ish with red flowers.
    It's like an Autumn look =D
    How're you?
    Nah I didn't save your pics. I don't thik you're ugly though so if you geniuinely think you are, don't? Its no good for your self esteem
    No worries, it's all true though.
    Well, a slow night is better than a shit one, so be glad.
    ohhhhh...i believe you meant, What is up, my good man Willis. If that is the case, then life is going great....in a way. So.....hope i gte this new hip lingo correct.....sup with you..gangsta? Did i do that correctly?
    Thank you, glad I don't have to kill so early in the night.
    lol what's a sup eh? is it how a frenchman says super? if so, no....meg eh.
    I am here nor there....I am everything and i am nothing.......I was, I am, and I always will be.............................that's right......I'm Batman.
    Fine, the nuns got covered in peanut butter and ravaged by rednecks while i watched and ate popcorn, screaming obscenities at them. Happy? hahah
    Nahhhh....not anymore, i quit after what happened to that bus full of nuns.....those poor souls.
    lol good girl. OH! congratulations! your prize is a sack full of 9 week old cabbage! :D once again, congrats!
    HOW DARE YOU!? My people are not even bloody genetically linked to them! Shame on you.
    lol maybe get rid of the flashy crap xD
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