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    Social Work at UNCLE

    I have just finished my 1st year of Social Work, and while I didn't look into it as I am not interested, as far as I know you can still transfer into the double degree program. You have to complete your 1st year of a normal Social Work degree with a Credit average to be eligible to transfer...
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    Section 3 :) Thought it was extremely easy! Best question on the paper.
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    I did this in section 2. This was probably the hardest one for me since I was never great with Islam. Think I wrote enough to be able to pass that section though.
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    I did section 3 for this as well - easiest question ever!
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    We did environmental ethics - which was actually pretty easy so it didn't worry me. I agree they didn't leave enough room though. I ended up getting another booklet so I could continue my answers.
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    Optional Focus Study

    We did family and world order - both were pretty easy I think.. especially the 2nd question for WO about effectiveness.. It was the exact same question as our last assessment task which I had memorised (got 19/20) and also read over yesterday before the exam
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    What now?

    Not exactly sure yet - Going away for schoolies and I have full-time work over Christmas and then possibly uni next year.. or might continue full-time work and defer for a year.. not sure yet.
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    So, who's finished?

    Not finished yet - still have legal tomorrow.. but after that I'm free! Can't wait. It seems there are a lot of parties and things coming up and i have full-time work starting at the end of the month so that should keep my busy.
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    I did the Section 2 one for this as well. It was pretty easy.. I am glad they didn't ask about the practice! That was my worst part and the one I was pretty worried about.
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    General commments

    I think it was an alright paper :) Not as bad as I thought it would be. The ecumenical question in Section 1 threw me a bit but the rest wasn't too bad. Only one more to go - legal tomorrow!
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    Keep Exam?

    I took mine.. planning to burn it with the rest of my notes after it is all over!
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    Section 1

    I wrote just over four pages all up. The first two texts were pretty easy.. text three confused me though! Basically tried to make it up. Managed to finish the section though in just under 30 minutes so had time to go back and add more to my essay.
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    Section 2

    Overall I think it was pretty good. It was pretty difficult but I managed to work my prepared story (which I did really well with in my trial) to fit in with the first quote.
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    General Thoughts - English Paper 1 2007

    Overall I think it was a pretty easy exam.. except for Text three of Section One. That confused me! Hopefully I did alright in the rest though..
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    section 3???

    3 Skryznecki poems 1 BOS text 1 related text One of my Skryznecki poems was pretty rushed, but the rest was pretty detailed I think.