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  • Oh cool. I'll hopefully be doing a double major of bio and physics :D
    Yeah there's not a lot of hours for them, though I'm doing math first semester, then stat in the second. I'm trying to spread out the maths as much as possible, hahaha.

    What units are you enrolled in?
    oh my god LOL!
    i always wondered wtf ur bored of studies username meant
    and just now, im rewatching some scrubs episodes, and JD just said to turk "why did you get a new number when your old one spelt kfnmpah?"

    is that why ur username is that?!!??!
    ah ok...yeah i noticed they got rid of the B Sci / B Teaching degree this year. Apparently all the teaching degrees have had a massive overhaul.
    Well, good luck with it ay - hope you find somewhere to stay, there should be rentals in the suburbs around newy too =) Haha, Wallsend isn't that bad i don't think?!
    See you round the science labs! =P
    hey, i'm doing biomed =)
    i live sort of local (well, about 45 mins away), so the plan is to stay at home this year while i study.
    U cannot find the EXACT value. I think that question is missing some words or written wrongly or asking different thing.
    Fair enough, we each have our strengths. Best of luck with everything to come; paper 2, and the mathses and sciences next week :)
    I think I went pretty well :) If anything, the "One text" mumbo-jumbo let me really flesh out a related text I rarely got to flesh out in timed practice essays. How about you?
    Hehe, same...study break and THEN some...

    not the smartest choice, but that show just makes me lol.
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