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    How to Access your Results

    Lol. I'm going to be in Shanghai. FML.
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    Best & Worst HSC Exam.

    Best: English Paper 2, English Extension, Japanese Okay: Drama Worst: English Paper 1, Ancient, Modern
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    Random facts about your stories.

    1. What's the title of your story? "Terpsichorean Dances" - subject to revision. I meant "Terpsichorean" as in, relating to "Terpsichore" (the Greek dance muse) but apparently some asshat decided to making "Terpsichorean" in a modern context mean "of, or relating to, dance" so my title can be...
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    Last Line of your Major Work?

    "Not that it matters now… But the cliffs on the beach fell that night." Very significant image that sounds ridiculous out of context :P
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    How Many Pages is Your Major Work?

    26 pages, 7316 words :)
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    First three sentences....

    I spent my life at the water’s edge, with the sand cold, damp and deep beneath me, and with every little wave’s pervasive chill startling me anew. It was worth it just to see my face reflected in that beautiful blue—to feel, as I did then, at the brink of an alternate reality: one in which I was...
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    First Three Words of your MW (Just 'Cause)

    Section title: CLOTHO A quote: "Come, now gentle..." Section 1: "I spent my..." Section title: LACHESIS A quote: "Thou! Whose impassion'd..." Section 2: "To you, Jason..." Section title: ATROPOS A quote: "Someone, I say..." Section 3: "The day rose..." Mine's another 3-parter, based on Greek...
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    due date is nearing D:

    Word count a decent 7,307 :)
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    due date is nearing D:

    I'm actually going really well for a change - I'm trying to work on my reflection statement right now (or was, before I got distracted by BOS). My draft major work and statement are due first day back at school next term (18th of July) so I have to get them done... My major work is finally...
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    2011 english extension 2 people! what is everyone planning on doing?

    I'm doing a short story about the lengths people will go to in pursuit of a dream :) Currently have a complete working draft and am finishing up my reflection statement. Goal mark....? 50/50 ^_<