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  • Thank you for arguing against me and giving me a comprehensive essay on exactly what I'd want in life. You're right, I am a stubborn person who only ever cared about option 2. Always believed results were a top priority whilst excluding the idea of education and believing in a narrow rank table.

    A very interesting philosophy on life you have. This reminds me of Vallance once talking about Grammar people being extremely argumentative but in a formal and respectful manner. So thank you Tim, and I appreciate you bringing me back to not just a world focused on results, but a life of education. My deepest admirations and thanks and good luck ahead in future.
    oh also saw you on tv, you spoke very professionally during the first in course interview, very adult like hehe. Good luck at Uni ;)
    really? i have a test if you want to try it, made by a psychologist, accurate to 0.97, so almost guaranteed correct. its the "Jouve Cerebrals Test of Induction". type it into google if you wish. i was wonderng about your iq, because you topped mx2 hehe. anyway would be interesting to see your score.
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