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Recent content by lisl

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    B Science at UTS or UNSW

    i have 1 week to decide whether i want to go to unsw or uts. which uni would be considered 'better' in the science area?
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    Do people exaggerate the difficulty of the HSC?

    sc is a piece of . such a waste of time. dont even begin to compare it to the hsc. v different.
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    SMS results

    and got them early too. wee, well :cold:
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    Ranks get released at 5pm today whos excited? :D

    the school gave us all of ours more than a month ago
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    4 Page booklets?

    why are you getting 4. we got 7 8 page booklets.
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    SOR I - Section 3! YOUR THOUGHTS

    aha. that is almost the best thing ive heard all day :rofl:
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    SOR I - Section 3! YOUR THOUGHTS

    wtf?! there goes me wanting to get a band 6. or is it a band 4 because its 1 unit. i dont know. but :bomb::( :chainsaw:
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    Memorising quotes

    for remembering bible qu'ran refrences, just make up a refrence. i have done it all year and it has worked everytime in sor 1
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    How do i improve my ext2 results

    does anyone know what the approximate mark cut offs are for hsc mx2 exam?!?!
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    History & Memory - Related Texts

    do you think that obama's victory speech would be ok for a related text for history and memory?!
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    What HSC exam are you most nervous about?

    english. mmaths ext 1/2. chem kind of. thats almost everything! :mad1::mad1::mad1: back to study plan after this weekend, even though i didnt have one before. :bomb: