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  • The message under this one was me saying WOW at the one saying a month when now we're about to enter term 2 ermahferkingerd. just watch, my future post will be me just before term 3, saying how i was saying that term 2 is starting. HA why am i too cool for this world?
    haha not slow at noticing just slow at informing you about it :) hahaso neh in your face sanchi !! mwhaha oh annnnd ive gots to tell you something, about what we were talking about today at like roll call, the name thing haha
    haha you sent nothing to my phone...unless you whatsapped which i told you not too you silly girl ! haha no worries geeee we shall see tmrw what the weather is likeee :) mwaa
    haaard ! like food dye ? seriously women!? haha no offence but she thinks she is all that, like bitch please ! you aint ;)
    have i been on facebook? hmm well i previously uploaded a photo last night that you liked ;) haha of course ive been on facebook, don even beed to ask me hahaha !
    i ell-oh-vee-eeeee the sun ! means i get to tan :$ hehe
    nope havnt even touched my books :) i studied abit for science... haha have yoou ? and btw they arnt lovely, they are another lot of stress pur on us ! haha
    ohhhhhmygosh, yes, stupid flamingoo ! ;) haha my day has been not so good, the rain just ruined my week! hope its not raining tomorrow, and onwards until sunday because i have work ! haha how is yours loveey ? <3
    I know right..if it wasnt blocked wouldve been kinda better haha but aw wells its not like we bring out laptops haha
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