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  • Hey sorry was a bit busy, umm I'm doing ACST101, ACCG100, BBA102 and ECON110 for sem1. MKTG, ACCG101, ECON111 and STAT170 for sem2. You?
    Yea enrolment was longggggg. Haha but all turned out well. I gotta go 4 times a week and the 4th time is thursday only for one class at 10am! Cant even restructure the timetable to fit it in, oh well :)

    Haha thanks for the link. Works well, but are you going to buy books now or wait till classes have started?
    Hey how was enrolment? You were right good thing I had mine early, classes were filling up too fast! Hope you got the classes you wanted at those times.

    Btw do you know if the textlist is up for books?
    Haha I much prefer that time, I have to leave at 6 45 :(
    Okay listen, regarding people and planet units, planet had to be within your faculty right?
    I'm thinking of thinking this. Just wanted to check whether people was in your faculty or planet.

    ECON131 - 2010 Course Handbook - Macquarie University
    Yes thats awesome! I prob will see you around :) Yes advising on monday argh gotta get up early lol, 8 30- 9 30 then 10 30 to 11 30!
    I have OFFICIALLY figured it out. I really am quite stupid when you think of it, was not THAT hard. Seriously though, couldn't have dont it without your help :)

    I'm looking at BBA102
    ACCG100 for sem 1

    and for sem 2 prob ACST101

    I want to major in accounting but might even want to double major with economics.
    Hahaha nah I'm a chick too :)
    Okay so listen I DESPERATELY need help but your post on my thread REALLY helped me! Thanks sooooo sooo much!

    One quick question, if for example I want to major in accounting, and I want to do ACCG100, can I swap it out for ACST101 and if I can will I have to do ACST in the future?

    Thanks again babe!
    Hey! lol ur the only chick i can find on here going to MAQ :p so needed some help. Im in commerce too :) but im like soooooooooo confused its not funny! lol mind helping me out with unit selection?
    haha thats awesome. yeah i wanna do double major to :) cept i wanna do accounting/finance! i just realised there is a degree Commerce - Professional Accounting/Applied Finance. i cant believe i never saw it :( lol. but aye what can yah do! best of luck, 20th cant come quick enough :D see you at macq :p
    lol, yeah ive looked over it. thanks :) are you going macq? what you plannin to do?
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