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Recent content by Lou283

  1. Lou283

    Macquarie Library for study during this period?

    I would try the new individual study areas in the new library - but in general the library is fairly good during exam time and open longer hours.
  2. Lou283

    Macquarie University Ranking?

    I have to disagree with you there a bit. Like PwarYuex mentioned for some things like PwarYuex's speciality it's so niche that employers KNOW who the good universities are for their speciality. If PwarYuex went to Harvard yes, to you and me that would seem impressive but to PwarYuex's peers it...
  3. Lou283

    Has anyone done MAS110, MAS240, MAS241, MAS389, MAS390?

    Has anyone done/doing any of the following? MAS110 Introduction to Digital Media MAS240 Cybercultures MAS241 Interactive Web Design MAS389 MAS389: Public Relations Theories MAS390 Public Relations Practice I'm a commerce - marketing major but was considering doing these as...
  4. Lou283

    Maths for Commerce degree at Maquarie ?

    I am a marketing major and I can honestly say don't worry. The only number subjects you will do is introductory classes in finance, accounting and statistics and it more about understanding the formulas then being good a maths. As long as you keep on top of those ones and ask questions if you...
  5. Lou283

    Any point to getting high marks?

    It could be the difference between you getting 60 and someone else getting the job because they got 65 for everything. If you have no other point of differentiation such as extracurricular activities of previous experience you have to have something which persuades people to select you over...
  6. Lou283

    First day at uni

    I started last week (2nd year) and already wish it was the holidays again. I forgot just how bad the workload gets after the mid sem break and I have all my mid semester exams on the same day which just so happens to be my birthday . . . Also with the start up scholarship - I got mine on...
  7. Lou283

    What are essential readings?

    Some units prefer, instead of using a textbook or two, to just take relevant chapters or parts of textbooks and even articles and papers etc and make a reader out of them. It's basically the same principle as a textbook for your unit where you do certain chapters each week - just in this case...
  8. Lou283

    FML my sem 1 2011 timetable is a piece of shit thread

    There seems to be weird things going on with unit outlines and even the online units on blackboard. Two of my units haven't even turned up on the blackboard yet and one of them I have a lecture for tomorrow. Another says the unit outline will be up by Friday 18th Feb which has obviously been and...
  9. Lou283

    Any pre-2010 hsc people studying 1st year commerce or combined law this year?

    Don't worry I started my commerce degree last year and graduated high school in 2005. There is plenty of us around, you'll prob meet people in your tutes.
  10. Lou283

    FML my sem 1 2011 timetable is a piece of shit thread

    I remember that - I got the bus but the traffic and congestion was a nightmare!
  11. Lou283

    Has anyone done FBE200: Professional and Community Engagement ?

    Na, I am not sure when it was introduced but it was available 2nd sem last year for sure.
  12. Lou283

    FML my sem 1 2011 timetable is a piece of shit thread

    A complete strike or just certain departments or teachers? Don't stress, just email the unit convenor. You will find that by looking up the unit info in the handbook and then search their name and it should come up with their email address. Failing that just ask them in your first lecture.
  13. Lou283

    Tutorials first week of semester?

    No, many subjects don't have tutorials week 1. Best thing to do is check your unit outline - if it's not up yet ask in your first lecture. Some units do have tutes first week but most don't.
  14. Lou283

    Has anyone done FBE200: Professional and Community Engagement ?

    Looks like I will be doing an Internship this semester and so was going to take it under FBE200 - Just wondering if anyone on here had done it before? How did you find the assignments and presentation you have to do? Here is the unit: http://www.handbook.mq.edu.au/2011/Units/UGUnit/FBE200
  15. Lou283

    So do we just rock up and follow course?

    It's a different password - well you can make it the same but they are set up separate. If you have problems just give them a call they can reset it over the phone. It may be set as your ID number or last name.