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  • Yeah, Comm/ Eng

    Well I guess it does look a little more intimdating since we haven't learnt the stuff yet.
    hey, for actuarial studies at unsw, you just put b commerce at unsw in uac right? and then you choose the actuarial studies major next year??
    hey my name is joseph eid was just wondering do u have bio notes that i might be able to use cause im finding it really hard if so can u please send it to

    regards joseph eid
    ok so just because you're combining commerce with science, doesnt make it any less commerce-y in the eyes of employers right?
    yeah my names amelia lol uve probably seen me on kevins (thisnameistakens) facebook because i noticed he has added u too :p
    i was thinking of majoring in HR for the commerce degree, and psychology for the science degree because i thought theyd go well together but now im not so sure. i really like science though so if i do commerce, ill do it with science as well :p

    also do u happen 2 know if doing B Com/B Sc mean that you end up with two degrees? or would employers prefer just a B com over a combined commerce degree, or does it not make a difference?
    are you doing commerce/science degree now? i thought you wanted to do actuarial studies or something?
    i think im gonna be doing commerce/science at sydney...

    just outta curiosity, how come you want to do commerce/science? what would you like to get out of it?
    i made an fb account just to find this girl i met in the city (one of those ny subway moments) so i don't use it for social networking. i have one friend on fb only because he's moving back to finland for good. sorry if this makes you think i hate you or somethng because i don't.
    yeah only at night time. you get rostered, because there are a lot of people who do it you only get a chance to do it like once or twice a month. i did it weekly because i went on days when they were missing people so who knows you might be lucky. you have one orientation meeting first to get filled in on the rules and regulations. time frame i would say 630-1030 or 630-1200
    Cooooool. That's quite a long time away from school lol. Are you just staying at home or moving on/off campus?
    I honestly don't know what to do after HSc. I was considering having a gap year getting some dough and going to the gym a fair bit but I suck at self-discipline so knowing me it would turn into an orgy of Modern Warfare 2/Assassin's Creed II lol. When does uni start anyways? March?
    lol maaaate if I'm bored after the HSC I might have to go to uni straight away instead of having a gap year >.>
    Been working, went to beach yesterday, I'm not so much a movie buff. I crash at people's houses, and sometimes go to people's houses to swim in their pool (I'm cheap like that).

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