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  • Hey obscene, eh they've been alright. The time has flown past though LOL. How bout you, how are your studies going? when are you trials?
    lol mate i believe in freedom, no government intervention(or government in general for that matter) and private property rights. all the things that the Austrian school stands for so its pretty easy to see why XD. I defend the liberal party because lower government intevention in the economy wins over harsher social restrictions any day. freer the market the freer the people
    heyy 0bscene, hows its going man? haha. would you like to share notes again? Im updating mine atm, i should be done in bout 20. ill send them over if you like
    uhh i got 765 for maths ( i was expecting a 40%, no joke haha) so im happy with that and i got 80% for legal. I expected more but oh well
    Hey man, i got 78% haha. My essay let me down heaps. Came first by about 10% though lol. Awesome results man, congrats
    Im looking at UTS or USYD, its all depending on my ATAR. I think i'm going to go to UTS though, cos i dont think im likely to get 95+ for USYD haha, and Law is still a big IF, cos it's hard to get into law. Is UNCLE the closest uni for you?
    Sup Obsene, yeah i wanna go to Uni and study law haha. what about you?
    oh man, i know what you're going through. i cbf to study as well :( i got ancient tomorrow dammit
    that sucks, more case study work =/ well done on the multiple choice though haha. You guys are like that youse had 3 options to choose from, we're only gonna get one :( i haven't had my eco one yet, i have it on tuesday and it's my last exam hahaha.
    Ahh, that sounds good man but you better get studying haha. Your maths exam sounds exactly like the HSC haha. Ours was hard throughout the paper, except for like the first question haha. How was your eco exam btw? What was the extended response?
    Hey man, my studies have been going alright. Half Yearlies have been meh. Maths was the worst test though, everyone thought it was shit
    hey, thanks for the message. biz, legal and eco are slighter similar just different sections of the 9-10 commerce elective. I can read the newspaper and gain in all subjects, which is great. I enjoy all very much so when i revise i can remember the content effectively.
    hows ur HSC program???
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