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  • What module are you up to? I'm up to module 7, and can finish it tonight. Though, if you're behind me, I wont bother.
    ~830 words :D. I found some really good data from journals on errors in Cepheid measurement.
    Thanks :)
    I wrote 150 words in 10 minutes, so its not looking that bad.
    Yes, i had alot of assessments this week. Didn't get time to start.
    Plus, I'm a bit crazy.
    Namu bro. I heard you were bottom ranked in maths and managed to own everyone by being first and state ranking. Share it with me man.
    Well, I just told my curriculum coordinator. Doesn't your school contact have a list of events?
    thats good to hear man. I just finished my uni exams so Im pretty happy. Hopefully you are killing it. I have faith in you. Oh and btw does that DD24 guy go to your school?
    heyyy nammuuuuu u sexyyy cunt. how u been man long time noooooo talk. hows ur hsc. U going good man? Hope ur killing it as usual.
    Loool.. Well with 8k+ posts, you're sure to have spammed sometime :D

    How many infractions does it take to get temporarily banned?
    Let's go on a spamming spree or something, until JUST before the limit :D
    I certainly hope so :D
    ..As long as I don't die

    I just got an infraction for saying "Schoey you're just an ignorant fuck. Please die."
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