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Recent content by Manda.found

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    Macleay 2009!!

    it sound like my year 11 and 12...dont know if that is good or bad and i just brought a camera to use next year and getting lessons next month!!
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    4 Multiple Choice

    still law is linked to the dreaming though stories and bla bla bla... i lernt this working lol that why i put 'a'
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    Religion and Peace Analysis

    but at least it was not just a coupel as i said pervious didnt no enough to write a full essey on just one!!
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    Religion and Peace Analysis

    well look its better than only wiritng a couple of pages....
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    Religion and Peace Analysis

    might have somthing to do with that we didnt really have enough to write on one religion so therefore some people though 'we if do the two the marker might choose our best one therefore maxamizing our result'
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    Macleay 2009!!

    well i have read mixed reactions on Macley...but appaertly journo is really really good...
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    Macleay 2009!!

    i no its expensive...i just sent the form away to pay if it...but yeah there is fee help and thats good...but i heard ND is good as well...
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    Who is Garraty and McCaughey

    Ok so i know that Garraty and McCaughey are two historians but does anyone know where i can actaually find information about them...or do u know about them thanks manda
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    JABBERWOCKY + Tempest

    Can some one please help me as i have a speech due on tuesday and need urgant help i dont know how to relate the JABBERWOCKY poem back to the tempest all i no i can say is that we are forced to imagine whats is happending but thats it... any help would be good
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    Macleay 2009!!

    Just wondering... anyone who is going..give me a holla.. im doing journolism... dont wanna walk into a room and know no1..haha or whateva manda
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    Oral Speech!! please help

    Ok so we gotta do a prominent personality, or social group (as an indivdual) but i have no idea who to do or what to do...we are susspose to be the person but i need topic ideas please PLEASE HELP ME!!
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    Macleay College

    it might be that much but there is always fee help and its worth it well so i have been told...lol
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    schoolies 08

    going to FIJI for schoolies yay!!
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    What do you want to be when you grow up? Plans for after the HSC?

    Journalism... well im already accepted into my corse on compleating my HSC. going to macleay college sydney to study journlism for 1 year!! :) but the bad thing is i have to move out and need somewhere to live DAM IT!!!
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    The Justice Game

    Is anybody else doing the Justice Game?? I need help but it seams everyone is doing Frontline!!