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  • Hey May Cat, I'm in need of help for a friend of mine. In regards to the BCPAccounting there's a rule that states you have to complete a 300 level business/commerce elective so she wants to cover that component with MKTG309 which is also a people unit.

    Do you think it is possible to count it for both People and 300level?
    I remember cores can't be counted as people/planet but not sure about this one.
    Hey May Cat, you seem to be very knowledgeable about Macquarie, I just have a few enquiries that I can't seem to find the answer of. If you're still active can you give me a ring plz. thxs in advance
    Yeah, I think it's one percent a day deducted by the Arts faculty for late hand-ins. My school was 20% a day and my friends' school was instant zero. New lack of pressure is quite de-motivational though. *essay due on Wednesday, nowhere near done*
    I'd just like to say that I'm glad that our debate on English and its current use in the HSC hasn't degraded into mudslinging and flaming. Not often you get a good, civil debate going on in the internet forums...
    The fact that it's neutral doesn't bother me. I just wanted you to know that I was aware of your -rep. Sorry that my post didn't meet up to your lofty status
    I certainly hope so.
    Pompeii and Herculaneum was relatively easy! I know I stuffed up one mark in the very first question though >.<; Accidently called something the wrong name.
    Sparta was alright too. The questions were very different from usual, which was good actually, made it new and challeging (I was so glad not to have to answer a spartan woman question for the 5 time this year).
    But I am very happy with my responses for Xerxes, and my one for the Greek World 500-440 BC... I hope that they don't mind my "athenian conspiracy" take on the question about fulfilling the aims of the Delian League.
    Yeah =)
    Ooh wow!
    And thanks for that summer school information! I shall look into it if you think it is useful!
    Thanks again for all your help. It has really helped to reassure me that I have made the right choice!
    Oh wow, that is a big drop! Yeah, the whole university process is really confusing already reading about it, so I already had the mindset that it will be explained properly when I get there.
    When it comes to Ancient History I am very interested in Egypt (how typical of me) but I do also have an interest in the Near East (Persia is such an interesting empire)... I really can't decide what I like best at the moment! There are aspects of all of the ancient societies I find fascinating.
    Yeah, I read that in the course outline. It was one of the things that drew me to it actually!
    I am interested in languages, I did japanese all the way up to year 10.
    We have talked before, and I just noticed that you were doing a bachelor of Ancient History at macquarie uni. That is the course I put down for my first choice with my UAC entries. Just wondering what the course is like?
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