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  • That's insane! I wish our percentages were that low :( i've had ones that were 10% a day, it's just not worth it.

    My units are:
    - Australian Politics (GOVT1101)
    - World Politics (GOVT1202)
    - Economics as a Social Science (ECOP1001)
    - International Economy and Finance (ECOP1003)
    - Introduction to Sociology 1 (SCLG1001)
    - Introduction to Sociology 2 (SCLG1002)

    What are yours? :)
    I'm thinking Aus Pol, World Pol and Introduction to Socio-Legal. :)

    Might see you tomroorw. :D
    Looks like I'll be seeing you this year. Same course, same degrees, same major, same uni. :p
    Congratulations on your brilliant atar!

    I'm also doing Modern History and was wondering how you studied for it?
    What textbooks did you use? Did you study on a revision basis of what was learnt at school or did you jump ahead and pre-study everything?

    <3 esther
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