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Recent content by mememe

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    B Arts

    Not many people here seem to be humanities people but it's worth a shot - i'm doing arts/law and for my arts degree i'm choosing between media (writing), psychology and philosophy (i know they're not all arts units but my UAI satisfies the requirements so if there's room i get in). Anyway, i...
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    help please... anyone?

    Question: Which is more likely when i enrol on monday... they'll let me over-enrol first semester (16 credit points not 14)? OR they'll let me not have to do a crappy useless corerequisite in second semester? I'm guessing the latter, so who do i go see about skipping a core requisite? Do i...
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    B Arts

    What's comp123, like a basic introduction to computer programs etc? is it ridiculously basic? ive just noticed so many jobs and careers nowdays say you must have computer skills and i have zilch. Or is it seriously like a joke subject... "This is how you explore the internet". i'm not THAT helpless!
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    evening subjects

    Do the tutorial's have a lot to do with the lectures? Like if i chose to do the evening lecture, but went to the tutorial in the day time first, would i not get it cos i havent heard the lecture yet? Or are they two seperate things altogether.
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    evening subjects

    did you just say if you choose an evening lecture you have to go to the evening tutorials, prac's etc too? Can't i mix and match?
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    Survivor Allstars!

    PHEW! Thankyou for editing that Survivor39 i would've been SO pissed off if someone spoilt it.
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    Law at clubmac

    Crisis over. I looked up the website and we have a fancy dress law cruise, a camp and a ball or two.
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    Law at clubmac

    Hey do we get any law events? Other uni's seem to have camps and dinners and all sorts of shindigs, i haven't heard anything about macquarie.
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    Course info...

    Where can i get more info on the units? I mean the paragraphs in the handbook are pretty vague at times, is that what i have to base my whole choice on? Anywhere on the website perhaps which would have more details?
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    making a timetable

    hey another question... when i'm doing my timetable i'm choosing all these 100-level prerequisites for 200 and 300 level subjects - will these subjects still definately be available in 2005 and 2006 when i go to choose them? Like, they don't drastically change what subjects are offered each year...
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    lectures, pracs and tutorials

    do many people tape lectures? Is it worth it?
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    Super Innovation Scholarships

    I think i remember reading in another thread that someone thought notification for these scholarships came out this coming week.
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    work work work

    How would i land that job? I'm moving up to macquarie from whoop-whoop and i know nothing about anything in sydney.
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    Textbooks Wanted

    Where do you go to buy second hand textbooks anyway? Is there some sort of uni service or do people leave notices around or what?
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    work work work

    Hey how many hours can i except to devote to a job while at uni? I kinda have to support myself and that means i need a bit less than $200 a week to cover accommodation, living etc. Is that, uh, what's the word - impossible? Is it hard to find employment or get shifts to work around your...