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  • hey do u still have that chem textbook for chem1011, im doing it this semester, time flies
    Sorry for the belated reply.
    Uni has been absolutely hectic!
    It sounds like you were in a pretty decent spot too! Although, this tall person sounds like a pain!! I rather liked both support acts. I got both of their CD's afterwards. Tim Exile was definitely eccentric though! You know when he passed around the mic and took sounds? I was the first sound he sampled hahahahaha.
    I noticed you go to UNSW too. If you see someone with a massive Imogen Heap tote bag, that's me hahaha.
    I'll be going back too =] Me and a friend I met after the concert are actually planning to audition for the choir thing for Earth. It would be amazing if we were successful! If not though, I'll settle for singing along with her in the audience, lol.
    Yeh, I absolutely loved the show!
    I was right up against the crash gate near the stage. There was no one in front of me! Haha!! And I was totally the closest person to where she was on stage hehe. Like kinda half way between the where she had her array mbira/keytar and centre stage.
    Immi was so awesome in person too. She gave me a hug! :D Plus, she signed the poster, and her three albums that I bought along to the concert. I can't wait for her to come back!
    It was the best night of my life =]
    Soooooo... How did you find the concert last night???? :D
    (Sorry lol. You probs think I'm weird. I just remember talking to you about it a while back.)
    I was actually lucky enough to meet her after the show! =]
    I just checked my textbook list again, and I think I'll wait for lectures to start first to find out what I really need, because there are 2 other things to purchase along with the textbook, and if I do have to get them, then I'll just buy the textbook along with the other things in a value pack. Sorry for the change of mind (again), but, if the offer is still up, I think I might know someone who may want to purchase it still...
    Lol yeah it is kind of daunting, and I'm wondering if it's still going to happen.

    How about when uni starts? Will you be in on monday? How about I get the textbook then? Because other than monday and probably tuesday, I'm probably not going to the other o-week activities...
    Pleeeeeeaaaaase come to bos meet! Pretty pleeeeaaase with cherries and other fruits on top- and sprinkles!
    Awww... :( I have plans before 1, so maybe not. Are you going to be at uni on Tuesday? Could meet up after my chemistry exam.
    You're going to the concert? That's mad! Which one? I am going to the 2nd (Formerly 1st) Sydney show on the 22nd of March :D I can't wait!
    I was wondering about your uni courses. I'd like to do a degree on something to do with animals, but i know im not gunna come close to the 98.2 UAI/ATAR required to enter the VET science course. I heard you can bridge over from the Animal Science course.. But I really don't know what to do yet? Any recommendations? What Kind of courses are there at your university?
    Hey, I don't think I can use the chem textbook I was going to buy from you this year-Unsw decided to bring in 'Chemistry 2010', which I presume is a new edition. Thanks anyway though! :)
    Hello, I'm interested in that Chemistry textbook you're selling; just wanted to know, it's not one of those books that need a wiley card thing is it?
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