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  • Oh, ok. Fair enough.
    Well, unless you change your mind again :)p) I might list the book on textbookexchange then. If you do find someone who might be interested, let me know and I'll tell you if I've sold it yet or not.
    Yeah, maybe it'd be better to meet when uni starts. However because the biological sciences people don't seem to understand how '12-weeks-in-13' works, I don't start any classes til week 2. Would sometime then be OK?

    (And who knows, I might turn up to the meet if it's on. If I do, I'll say hi to you, lol. :) )
    Ahahaha :)
    Come on, you don't even know me! And the thought of meeting a whole bunch of 'internet strangers' at once is kind of...daunting, lol.
    Heh, aw, now I feel guilty! :(
    Um, Tuesday won't really work for me, sorry. What about...2pm on Monday? Or another time? (Or even after uni goes back? However Monday would be pretty good, if there is a convenient time for you.)

    EDIT: OK, well, maybe I might turn up (to the meet) if someone can fully convince me. :p
    Hmm, well, I might not be going to the meet :eek:
    Would you perhaps be able to meet up sometime earlier in the afternoon, like 1pm or something?
    Hey, if you're still interested in the chem textbook, are you going to be at uni on Monday (22nd)? If so, did you want to meet up then?
    OK, the most convenient route for me gets me there around 11.33am, but it's OK because I still have to buy bus tickets when I get there, wait for the bus, etc. And yeah, that's what that thing is called! haha!
    Convenient! Sure thing, just give me a time convenient for you and I'll meet you at Eddy Ave. I usually sit on the brick wall when I wait for the bus there. :)
    Haha nearly lol'd IRL there! As for meeting up, I don't mind. Do you want to meet up at the uni or Central or something? It also depends on the time, because if we have an early start next I'd be hopeless!
    Likewise, I certainly hope we get to meet at the next lecture! What do you look like? I'm fairly tall, have olive/tan skin and messy black hair. I always wear jeans :D haha
    I do have the math1041 textbook, but I'm not selling it yet, sorry (it might come in handy later on). However I almost never used that one! The lecture notes and tutorials are so thorough and clearly set-out that as long as you write down the worked examples they go through, you should be able to rely on lecture notes alone.
    If you find you do need the textbook, I'm sure there are plenty floating around second-hand :)
    Oh, what.
    Gah, textbook publishers suck.
    TBH it's just an updated edition of the one I currently have, and as such probably doesn't have a great deal of new content in it, compared to the older edition. (Even the cover looks exactly the same, but with more green.)
    Of course it's completely up to you, but I've found that it's more than worthwhile buying previous editions of a textbook to save cash. The offer's still there :)
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