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  • Natttti my sister asked me to tell you if she could please buy your bio and pe stuff because she's a bit excited. She's like ask for her assessments before people ask her!!! Loll Jaren for year 11s their going to hate life!
    i know i'm burning to finish. ah well only 2/3 more days! :D
    chem LOL nah i've actually studied heaps i should get a decent mark (by heaps i mean i crammed all weekend :shy:)
    yeah sure i'm gonna make photocopies of exams and that cos a few people have asked for it, so i'll probably make one copy and then whoever wants it copy that..yeah? good idea?
    anyways YEAH bet you spent all weekend out and about.. seriously man i kept thinking of you while i was studying fully jealous :p
    ah well who cares you're over and done with!
    yeah the nail polish is great!!! i've been using it for a month now, and everytime i shower i put some on cos you know how your nails go all weak and stuff, and anyways they're fully long! so hot, so yeah get some!
    omg formal shoppping excitementtt... hey next week we're going out yeah!! after my exams yeahhh!!! i wanna go shops okay! and movies so many cute romantic movies out!!! :D
    i'm so envious of you!!!!!
    congrats!!!!!! you lucky lucky lucky girl!!!!
    and yeah sorry for the randomness it's just that i was using it while bos-ing at the same time and it inspired me to show it to you :D
    anyways how was pdhpe?! aced it?! what have you done so far?! chucked out all traces of hsc???
    aww i'm sure you'll do well! was it different to past papers? anyways you've only got one more left how excitingg
    well, i rekn it was pretty hard, im looking to get somewhere maybe in the 80s out of 120?
    lol omg. don't even talk about maths man.

    i missed out on the ENTIRE q10 apart from a and b. and i left out SOO MUCH..

    rofl why are you on. go study!
    ...god im screwed for chem and physics.
    it was okay, first few questions were good, towards the end i could see death creeping closer and closer. didn't finish it to be honest but i should do alright... it'll get scaled and stuff and everyone's saying it was hard so yeah more scaling yayay :eek:
    you ready for bio???
    sorry i didnt reply haha im not used to this, didnt know ud even posted something till i went to my page ahaha jareh me im so lost
    but yer english i reckon i went pretty good! :) for once haha
    howd u go with maths =\
    searching for year 7's? AHAHHA hilarious. maaan they full updated this site--it's less laggier and easier to use :D haha. GOOD LUCK FOR TOMORROW, loves! dw you'll do finee
    english i was sad =( no more hamlet and frankenstein/blade runner, however happy to get rid of skrzynecki. religion can go die.
    good stuff (Y) yeah maths is going goood. i need to have a look at a few question 9 and 10s for the rest of tonight cos that's where i'm losing marks. but i'll be fineee.

    how sad our last 2u maths exam ever. no more rushing out of class to see your class, no more standing in the courtyard for all of recess discussing our answer, no more suiciding over stupid mistakes, no more envying our smart asians (aka akerind, vicki and co.), no more frantically trying to remember if we marked the x intercepts, no more getting papers back and devouring them for extra marks, no more mentally thrashing ourselves for not rounding off or not evaluting an answer, no more being crap scared asking rainert for more marks.. natascha my friend, no more maths. :-(
    LOL it took you 2 hours to eat?! i just ate too hi5 for eating
    how you going with le mathematics? you feeling ready?
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