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  • oh sweet as! how exciting, it should be so fun :) do you have a date and all? going in a fancy car?
    dude white is awwrite! i am like the palest person in existence haha, its not even that much of an exaggeration. lol just make sure you dont go with the fake tanning, at year 10 formal heaps of girls were bright orange it was funny.
    i've been hanging out with friends and just chilling out, its so good. last week went shopping for formal (on the 26th) and now all i need are shoes and im set :D and yesterday my friend made me watch sex and the city haha its an okay show. so glad i dont have to think about studying - its weird tho i feel a little weird/guilty like i should be doing something lmao
    oops sorry - shouldnt have brought it up :( we can forget about it now, no worries!
    im sure you did great :D, yea i think i did alright, im confident with adv eng, ext eng and physics but i duno bout the rest :/
    holidays are awesome! been chilling out and relaxing, feels so weird not having to study at all. what you been doin so far?
    Ay raniaaa. Feels good to finish doesnt it :D
    Got to do the CSU application.
    Quick question it says we need proof of 95? Does that mean we need to wait till results?
    seriously, kudos on the inuendo, ive never been so impressed by a girl's sense of humour, and i mean that in the least sexist way possible!! :D
    sorry about that, i was caught up in that physics marathon thread and didnt notice your message (im off msn)

    dont give up, after tommorow your done forever
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