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  • sorry for the lack of reply about the german band.

    i have honestly no idea, lol. i don't really keep up with german music. maybe i should now that hsc is over! :)
    hahaha whaaa?

    yesss omg..pursuit of happyness is a beautiful movie! gotta love will smith :)
    yeah i agree its been long lol
    thats great
    oh i see did you have fun at your graduation dinner?
    i hate formals cos everyone is very comparative especially the girls and the groups
    we didnt have a mass for our graduation just a lil short liturgy made by us students
    well im up this early cos ive been working till late and cant sleep till dawn lol
    but im trying to sleep earlier, my manger at woolies really wants me working longer hours
    11 hours today oh the fun
    now im relaxing and winding down after a long day
    omg im so excited for my formal :D :D
    i hate school masses thannk the Lord we didnt chose to do a mass
    seriously mass is boring and listening to m y school chaplian speak about how god is great and lectures us how to live our lives as good Christians Boring! i dont need a priest to tell me how to live me life lol seriously glad no more school masses but the uni im going to is catholic :(
    i see that someone gets up early in the morning when its holidays hmmm lol
    hey long time no comment:)
    how are you?
    how are you feeling now that our hsc is over?
    are you like excited for your formal?
    whens your formal? and where?
    same suits, how does that work? did the girls need to wear the same thing? we had a dj and he didnt take requests and yeah the food is always crap. i don't even think we had desserts but our teachers never came, we had to organise this ourselves.
    ahahhaha you must go to some hekktick obsessed catholic school then aye?

    i went to a catholic school and the most catholicy thing about our formal was the fact that we said grace before eating.
    HAHAHHA omg what!??! why on earth did u have to wear the same suit?
    omg epic fail. did the girls have 2 wear the same dress? LOOOOL
    WOHHHHHHH u had a BAND? and i thought my formal was bad....

    your formal was officially the shittest out of everyone's on BOS haha..

    we originally were supposed to have a band, but when i found out i lost the plot and went whinging to the principal because we werent given a choice so our year coordinator had to let us vote and we ended up with the DJ... not that he was much better :mad1:
    ohhhh well mainly, the DJ just sucked cock.... seriously it was so bad, didnt play any good music, kept interrupting every song to give a fucking sermon... go see my angry rant in the thread about yr 12 09 formals lol
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