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    Bludge subjects

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    hsc options

    but sport leisure and recreation is going to go because my school does not have it for a hsc subject
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    what would be better to do?

    i need some advice i would like to do bachelors in business or a bachelors in information technology
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    hsc options

    can we change a course between pelimanary and hsc years? i kno that you would not of done as much as what everyone in pelimanary would of done but is it possible? i hate community and family studies :evilfire: atar aim: 65+ :D pelimanary subjects: english standard - maths general -...
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    Who thinks they've chosen the WRONG SUBJECT?

    i should not of done community and family studies it bores the shit out of me:shouting: and sport, leisure and recreation should of picked up bio :evilfire: and should of done buisness studies as a tafe course
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    need modern history focus question!

    HELP!!!! im doing jack the ripper for my modern history individual history research task (my teacher is skepictical of it, but says i have to stay with coz im short of time) please help:cry:
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    Schoolies 2011

    going to qld but not actually doing the schoolies going to the theme parks :hammer: and maybe a drink or four hahahaha :drink:
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    Physical Journeys ahhhhh

    yeh as in the way we r giving the speech
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    how many assignments/assessment tasks do u have?

    english (oral and written) due monday - which i haven't started!:hammer: quoted from previous post me tooo I HATE PHYSICAL JOURNEYS! i have not as much as everyone else but; An english speech & essay- due monday A sport lifestyle and recreation test -swimming - due mon 29th A pdhpe essay...
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    Physical jourenys help!

    what does everyone think of these sources? - shrek - follow the rabbit proof fence (book) and can anyone tell me how to do an analysis
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    Physical Journeys ahhhhh

    anyone have any ideas on another book i could use? or a poem maybe? and what sort of 'persona' i could 'adopt' to give a speech on the whole topic?