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  • dude, we messed up with the darling harbour duty, turns out it's actually 9:15am-6:45pm so not sure if it's still possible =\ if we went, it'd have to be either really early or quite late. does caps have, uh, opening hours? o__o lisey's also out of the country, but soph emailed about it a few days ago I think.
    Haha, yeh what the hell, 99 here I come XD. Yeh I've been looking at UWS Med, looks pretty decent. Ha complex numbers are easy, anyone doing 2 unit could do it. Parametrics screwed around with my head until it clicked for me. I see you're a humanities person, ughhh, all those essays :( Nooo, my dad's a history buff, and I get lectures in the car about communism and the like all the time. Painful memories, lol.
    Haha they know I won't get the marks, and they don't want me to get disapointed, haha. I know I won't get 99, so I'm doubting my chances of getting in. Yeh I was in that thread.
    Lol, I don't mind a little math's here and there =P, 4U is going good, though complex numbers was pretty damn easy, so I'm expecting a huge slap in the face when we get onto a harder topic. How are your subjects going?
    Haha, my parents are hinting me away from med :S
    I'm try for Commerce at UNSW, with a major in Actuarial Studies, and maybe combine it with engineering.
    urgh, I had two more today D: but I only had to go left/straight so I guess it wasn't that bad. omgsh what is with this turning thing? whoever designed these roads should have made them all go in straight lines and circles with NO SHARP CORNERS. seriously x__x
    I'm keeping all my fingers, toes and other extremities crossed! goodluck with convincing :] and, you know, they could always tag along [haha] if they have to? YES I KNOW HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE? :D it'd be me, nith, ange, you- I'm not sure if lisey, kas &soph are around then though =\
    see?! all this unneccessary brain action in the holidays wasted! unless a mod fixed it or something? o___o my god, I'd love to drop all my maths. but the scaling is what's saving me so far D: so you've decided to drop then?
    damn straight :]
    oi, that wasn't funny! there was a freaking roundabout damnit! >< yay, good luck to us!
    weelll, nith and me are on a darling harbour duty, and you know how we wanted to take nith to caps but she was like perma-grounded? we were thinking maybe we could go just before/after the duty or something. problem is, we're not sure if it's am or pm [it's like 6:45-9:15 so =\] we're trying to work it out though :D
    MATHS?! my god hash, I'm extremely disappointed in you D:
    [and I spent like 5min trying to work out where the typo in the title was and couldn't find it ==]
    it was though... I had to motivate myself with nerds [the candy, not the.. you know].
    oh well, still more original that mine ahaha x]
    OMG REALLY? ME TOO! :D actually, I have my second lesson today. last time my teacher got lost and accidentally directed me into a busy area and I was like AARGH WTH. but we're still alive!
    ooh ooh! also, are you in sydney on the 24th? :]
    you know, I laugh whenever I see someone address you as 'nutcracker'.
    yeah definitely! uni is weird. I don't think I will be able to cope with the real world because I don't feel ready. However, once we turn 18, we can do whatever we want! I like the sound of that :D
    good luck with your decision to do Commerce/Law. and I hope I'll meet you at uni! looking forward to it :p
    awww :(
    nope, didn't go - but I went to the A day @ UNSW program in Year 11. It was so cool :D I love UNSW!!!! sadly, I haven't been to Usyd before.
    yeah, usyd vs unsw is a hard decision. i don't think I would go to any other uni besides UNSW or Usyd.
    umm.. I think I might wanna do commerce or engineering. Commerce as my top preference, and Engineering for backup. I dunno, I like indoor office work.
    What about you?
    yup it worked, but it came out neutral. you need to post more :)
    sure thing nutcracker!
    good luck with the upcoming assessments!!!
    hi nutcracker =)
    you give someone reputation when you agree with the things they say, or when he/she has been very helpful.
    ummm.. well, at the bottom of someone's username you have this white tray looking thing. click on it, and if you agree with their post click agree, and if you disagree then click disagree. You can also add a comment to the reputation you give.
    OMG HASH! [it is, riight? =\]
    yeah, I should be writing the whole 20-25min script for tomorrow but like. nyeh ><
    haha bad timing much? x]
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