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  • haha yeah so many people passed out second show and had to be crowd surfed to the front. We were up the back of the grandstand for Lily Allen too, I didn't really 'dig' her performance, she's too much of a show off. Muse was by far the best act. Did you see the Temper Trap?
    Time is Running Out ....frigging hell that went off!!!!!As well as Plug in Baby. I was a bit disappointed because during Undisclosed Desires my friends camera card fell onto the ground so for about a third of the song was spent looking around beer cans :(. MK Ultra....you missed a great performance of that song. I was a fair way back from the stage, how the hell did you get that close without pushing and shoving and getting people pissed off haha. I want to go see them play again when they come back because it wasn't enough at BDO. Did they play Back in Black at the first show?
    Hey!! Saw the amazing MUSE live!!! And yes, Mk Ultra was so f****** awesome, as well as Undisclosed Desires and they played Plug In Baby, Time is Running Out, Knights of Cydonia, United States of Eurasia, Uprising, Unnatural Selection....I could go on and on, but Muse live is soooo much better then Muse cranked up in the car!! You would have loved it!! Where are you seeing them?
    yer it will be awesome live. For me Showbiz is my favourite Muse album, never ever get sick of it. Matt Bellamy's voice is incredible!!
    How good is their new album!! Undisclosed Desires...listening to that song has become a daily religious ritual
    If MX counts I'll be fine :D I've been doing grammar in my own time and I've bought books but I might end up dropping it in year 12.
    I think Eco will be fine but this means I'm probably going to have to start reading the paper including the stock market part.. fun!
    French will be really hard work for the first few months because I REALLY wanted to do the subject but in year 9 & 10 my teacher decided to use Tapis volant 1 (the one everyone uses in year 7 :|) so I'm kind of behind but the subject will be good.
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