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  • yeah man heaps , it feels like Deja vu like we're doing HSC again :( . Are you viet we should meet on campus or something haha
    Hey sorry for late reply dont come on this site much. Yeh enrolling was a bit of a mission! i just entrolled into all available units so 8 for the whole year.. 4 in AUT and 4 in SPR. We cant register for tutorials till the 14th but after that we should have a timetable. and on the 9th we have our course planning session at the uni from 1-2pm :) haha u might already know all this but just giving u my understanding of everything :)
    I just don't think policing is a good career to get into

    better pay, conditions and industries elsewhere
    same got the early offer email. Well guess we'll be seeing each other sometime next yr if were doin same course haha
    hey noticed u wrote u put policing at uws as first pref, same as me :) u confident you'll get in? wat campus, bankstown?
    est please for friend
    subject rank exam result CSSA TRIALS
    Chemistry 3/18................ 70/100
    advanced maths 2/45....... 98/120
    advanced english 21/69.... 65/105
    SOR:2unit 5/41............... 77/100
    Physics 1/20................... 70/100
    school rank:350-400
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