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  • I was the girl with the Yellow skirt, black and white top, and blue coat.

    yongzhen was helping me with volumes :)
    The Dog of Maths

    Thanks for the rep. I'm glad you liked it.

    After 2 years of active contribution, I've just hit past 2000 points!
    i'm also taking phy1231 this summer school, maybe now u'll not forever alone anymore. haha. :)
    btw, have u done quiz 2, the 14marks question. lets discusssssss. :)
    i'm having problem to answer the h) part. do u have any idea ?
    Can I ask you a general question? Why does z^n = 1 have a modulus of 1?
    oh okay, fair enough. Yeah i've noticed that. It's quite sad actually, I barely see people from MQ on bos.
    ah i see.
    co-op nice! hopefully they let u double it.
    and no i didn't have wildberger, but i did go to some of the lectures with him last sem lol. even though i did it the year before.
    i'm doing math2601 (higher linear algebra), math2620 (higher complex analysis), math2130 (higher differential equations), intro chinese 1b, and 2 honours courses although one is really just 3rd year, MATH5645 (algorithmic number theory) and MATH5335 (computing for finance) :)
    struggling though. 30 units :p

    and yes i might go to that drinks thing...even though i dont drink.
    haha discrete maths was good. except i didn't do too well either lol.
    u must done really well if it was your lowest!

    haha i'll probably end up joining sometime.
    so are u just doing science majoring in comp sci? (should also do a major in maths too if u can :D)
    ahh yeah it was tough, since i hadn't learnt some of the stuff he was talking about (that u learn in 1241)
    but turned out okay :) pretty good course i think.
    so are you just doing 3 subjects now? hope u did well for first semester :D

    MATHSOC...umm not yet, seems like mostly first years, but I'll see :p
    hey, wow, i see you're doing codes and ciphers in first year!
    i did that last year in first year too :p
    hope its going well :)
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