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  • Hey Timothy,
    It's been awhile just letting you know I got my offer for UNSW but at the end i decided to go to Macquarie because I realised Applied econometrics was the course for me and I'm not regretting any moment of it (besides saving money on bus fares is also a plus ;)

    Just a few questions though, I always thought a single degree double major could still be finished in 3years but recently I heard from a friend its possible but really hard and will take me 4years- is this true? it seems so silly the website is advertising how you can do a double major and when I count the credit points they fit in nicely (I already accounted for additional units like people/planet), wonder why you need longer than 3years :bomb:

    Also I'm still a noob on Bored how do i show my signature like others haha
    Haha, Asian failed discrete - sad because it was my favourite. Did you do it in first sem with Wildberger? He was cool.

    Join MathSOC now (on FB), apparently there's some sort of drinks night with mainly 2nd yrs.

    I'm doing a double degree - Science + Computer Science. Planning to major in maths. Hopefully Co-op will let me keep my double degree (<3 maffs)

    What subjects are you doing now btw?
    Yep just 3 subjects now. Pretty sweet, except now I'm procrastinating even more with the extra time...fail.
    Did alright in first sem, discrete maths was the best thing evar (although ironically my lowest mark)

    How is le maths? I see you have some sort of prize. What a nerd xD

    ALSO JOIN MATHSOC. IT IS GOOD. (you totally missed out on a free BBQ :p and we need more non-first-years...)
    Haha thanks, how did you find it?

    Unfortunately I dropped it just last week because I got epically behind. And suddenly got hit with all these things to do.
    I shall take it again later xD

    BTW - are you part of MATHSOC?
    Hey Ty for the rep,
    Can you link me to one of your posts, i'd really like to give you some reputation back.
    But the 'find all posts' link is disabled.

    Hey Timothy, I missed the chinese lecture on thursday this week. Were there any important accouncements or any other notable stuff I missed?
    hey man, i see ur doing advanced maths @ unsw
    do u have any advice for first semester/year :D ?
    im curious :]
    Yeah you have to call up the school. Look at the sheet you got with your reference (in the folder).
    Trophy's a prize. What do you mean by 'might' go? Are you considering not going? You should go. :p

    I'm getting Trophy, Regional Director's, 3rd, Chem (lolwtf, I got it, not Jacob), KJ Andrews Prize (dedication, leadership, school spirit).
    OH yeah...I remember seeing you then. Sorry. You're so quiet. :p

    UNSW O Week. I got USyd O Week :p
    I'm BoSing...duh. And being bored. :p

    LOL, you'll have a gf. BTW...we need to do something - I haven't seen you since like around HSC?
    You guys? :p
    Don't worry, it's nothing bad. I was just like...wooooow. Tim has a gf? lolwtf? :p
    I dunno.....someone mentioned it to me. I've never met EW, so I have no idea who she is. So clearly it wasn't me who started the rumour. :p
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