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  • Hey Gussy. In the Maths Ext. 1 section, i happened to see you type "thank you" or something like that in the Trig formulae thread. So i am guessing that you have the Trig formulae file. Are you able to send it to me? I will need it for an upcoming maths Trig exam. If you are able to send it, I will rep you for sure :)
    advice...depends on what you want to achieve this year.
    advice is very general too, try be more specific :)
    don't know what you want to know.
    about what courses to do? or how hard it is? etc.
    as sinophile said, maybe add me on msn for a bit to chat, its easier but this can work too.
    hello, no im not doing advanced math, im in engineering. i know an ex-member of this site who is very in the know and likes helpfing others, names timothy siu, send him an email or add him on msn:, dont tell him i sent you. also shadowdude on these forums is doing the same course this year, he might know things.
    hey Gussy Booo marist college kogarah eh?? lol ur right next door to my school :) kogarah high :) thnx for visiting my the profile pic
    hmm im still 50-50 cause im thinking of pickin up ex2 eng as well, but the Major project will probally kill me so its either 4u eng 3u maths or 4u maths 3u eng AHHH so hard to Decide, Life is so cruel, as for the Stories im sure there JUST Stories!!.
    haha, thats still good 75% i got 33/50 for my Half yearly now thats depressing lol hows everything else you gonna pick up 4unit?
    Thanks Gussy Booo for your help. I realise I didn't type down the full Q for the one you were confused about, sorry !

    It was "The refractive index for glass is 1.50. A beam of light strikes an air-glass boundary at an angle of 40 degrees. What is the value of the ratio sin i/sin i for light passing though air into glass."

    Gussy Booo! My smart Chemistry friend.

    I have a question, although it's not related to chemistry.
    I think it's a biology question, but here goes:

    "How long does it take for a bean sprout to fully germinate and reach 'adult' form?"

    I'm doing a Year 10 assignment involving the growth rate of bean sprouts in various conditions / exposure to sunlight and I'm worried that they may take too long to grow!

    Any advice is much appreciated. My post is here.
    Thanks, Gussy.
    Hey there Gussy Booo,

    I read your post...

    If I have any trouble in Chemistry for my prelims next year, I know who to ask!
    Yeh, the Premium features are ok. The only reason I subscribed for a Premium Membership is because of the additional resources it offers and also the extra respect you might receive from other members ;P. The amount of additional resources that are offered is really beneficial and will greatly aid you in whatever subject you are doing.

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