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  • Oh yes ! For sure. I'll give it a go. Hopefully I do well. I've heard so many cruel stories about 4 unit maths. Oh well.

    How about you?
    Lmfao! I went O-K !!! Ugh, I got 78%....but the difference in me getting 85% lied in me writing the FULL theorem for the Alternate Segment. I lost 4 marks for just writing "Alternate Segment". Soo depressing. *Sigh*, oh well.
    haha yeah it's been quite some time since we last spoke..
    i'm doing kay i spose
    what about yourself?
    Hey mate. Nah sorry. My real name is Gustavoo ;) , and I'm South American ;)

    Lmfao, and what am I doing? Studying :) ?

    Got a 3unit test this friday ! ahhh ! tc mate.
    can't sleep with all that snoring ....hmph
    so i thought i might exercise the brain a lil so to speak and jump on bos to see what's been happening. :spin:

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