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  • Yeah, I am a mod now. (Sorry for the late reply, been a tad busy these days).

    Yeah, I went to SBHS. Who's the guy you know? :p
    Hehe yes indeedy. Finally got another green bar after i don't know how long XD
    Uni has been pretty good so far. I wish i'd learn something super new already though :(
    How about you?
    hey my name is joseph i was just wondering if u did business, bio, english, pdh or sor, if so would u be able to send it to me thanks

    regards joseph
    Lolol viet pride. I like sugar cane drinks but I don't really like pho. Lol. Half viet indeed! =]
    Vietnam that's cool, I wanna go. Lol, don't speak Viet though, but dad does. Are you Viet?
    Hahahhaa well I'm going to Vienna end of next year. Maybe. Hopefully. I'm gonna go broke. =[
    Lol my definition of "nothing to do" = free to do what I want. My holiday schedule's filling up fast =]] first up is 2 weeks in Japan early Dec, so excited~! Are you going anywhere?
    Haha thanks again, today's exam went really well too. =]
    Yay so happyyyy. 4 months to do nothing. Awesome. =]]
    You should've got a tan today lol, so freaking hot.
    Thanks for the luck btw! It worked today!
    It sounds interesting. I'll be euphoriccc if I get in. =]
    Oh congrats lol, you're a free man! Haha stop laughing at my unfortunate circumstances.
    Lolol good luck! I really really really wanna do commerce (international) at unsw. Fudge, so hard. :(
    yeh mostly your heart, i was pulling for armin :p

    did you vote though? coz i forgot hahaha XD

    edit: Tiesto will be #1 next year I hope :)
    Haha I'm glad you find it funny. Yesss high expectations that I'm going to ruin. Shouldn't have slacked off so bad this year. Fail.
    Naww, i heard bio was a good exam. I'm sure you did fine :)

    Chem..... gah why is modern right after chem? I'll start modern after dinner :/
    Hehe you're welcome :)

    I think i aced english, did shithouse in maths though. I think i panicked :/ Ah well, what's done it done - must focus on chem > modern > physics exams coming up T.T

    How about you? XD
    haha yeah sure, i will delete the past 13 years of maths out of my memory asap.
    gooodluck to you too! :D
    don't worry a big part of me died..and everytime i think of that exam it gets worse, it's killing me exponentially =.=
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