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Recent content by quickoats

  1. Q

    Doctor of medicine double degrees?

    the normal way (just MD) is defs gamsat there’s 2 versions of med: straight from high school (5-6 ys) or after you graduate your bachelors degree (postgrd MD 4yrs) it’s very hard to get in after high school + med schools would appreciate the greater maturity of an older applicant pool. USyd...
  2. Q

    Doctor of medicine double degrees?

    usyd MD is a gamsat degree - different unis have different application criterias
  3. Q

    Doctor of medicine double degrees?

    you need an undergrad to get into the postgrad MD. this just allows you to bypass the gamsat it is sequential rather than simultaneous like a traditional double degree
  4. Q

    Bachelor of advanced science vs bachelor of science at UNSW

    No real difference, except that in advsci, you have to do a special subject (scif1131) and have to do your subjects at the advanced level where possible. Not 100% sure how the 2 honours years works, since both advsci and engo have embedded honours.
  5. Q

    Where can I do a double degree of Actuarial Studies and Music?

    Actuarial doesn't have many combined degree options (at least at MQ and UNSW) since it requires a lot of subjects for external accreditation. This is why you can only really combine it with 'similar' disciplines since there's some overlap that'll give you extra space for such subjects. Not 100%...
  6. Q

    Macquarie or UNSW

    MQ. better structure imo
  7. Q

    2021 ATAR/HSC Marks

    You get a refund if there is an inaccuracy e.g. they forgot to mark a page/booklet, but there is no such thing as a remark.
  8. Q

    2u maths for UNSW CS

    This isn't quite right; There is only one easier math course (MATH1011). You still need to do the normal/advanced first year maths courses in order to do the second year ones. If you don't think you're ready to do MATH1131 (the first standard maths course) in your first term of uni, you can do...
  9. Q

    How common is it to switch degrees

    very common don't worry.
  10. Q

    UNSW Trimesters

    Yep - Last day of teaching is a Friday, then you get Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed off. Exams start on the Thursday and since the timetable is somewhat compressed, you can have exams on a saturday.
  11. Q

    Best scaling subjects?

    If you love society and culture, why not do both? Imo society and culture was really easy and wasn't too hard to balance with MX2. You don't need to make an ultimatum right now.
  12. Q

    Changing Course - Preliminary HSC

    Courses are very similar and scale the same, but align differently. They scale the same because NESA use a common grading scale, meaning that a final HSC 80 in either course demonstrates equivalent "English ability" - this is also because the scaling of every other subject is based on the common...
  13. Q

    Medical science

    main (most if not all of usyd is at main)
  14. Q

    Best scaling subjects?

    Don't pick them if you don't like them. You'd rather do well in PE than shit in economics. Even though economics scales better, very good in PDHPE will be better than just average in economics.