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  • Lol are you saying little kids are weird? or perhaps that i act puerile? :(

    and 'But oh well, where does it ever end?'


    Haha no i can change that. It's just a case of self-consciousness + narcissistic personality disorder

    and then i can do my little charisma thing when i'm cured of it and lead a revolution and you'll all be slaves in forrrrrrtyyy YEAAAARS!
    i'm not being down, i'm just being realistic lol

    for one i think my personality is perfect for myself but i'm a social dud irl
    Am I scared that i'm starting school at such a younger age? Hun i started school 15.5 years ago like you did.

    why would you want girls at our age anyway, such berks lol
    you do? well, for one you can even consider dropping down a grade if you're feeling lazy and all and not feel bad about it cos you won't be inappropriately old for the grade below :p

    not that i would or even could because of my parents, but you know

    also you start uni when you're 17 and that's like hell yeah
    Lol, that's ok ^^

    Of course I read the manga! I'm up to the latest one.
    You're not into Bleach anymore? Why!? D:
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