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    Questions about AHIS230, ENGL206, ENGL303 and MAS310...

    Hola! I'm doing AHIS230 this year too! I started it last year but had to withdraw from the semester. From memory it's a couple object studies, around 5 short online quizzes (multiple choice) and a major essay. I can't recall if there was supposed to be an exam or not though.
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    Do people study when on end of year break

    I do Ancient History so there's a lot of reading to do. I always end up reading a few books related to the course before I go back - I just wouldn't have the time to do it otherwise.
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    No Lecture for AHIS140?

    I was hoping it was just some terrible rumour. I wonder what other AHIS units are doing this too?
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    BABSc Question

    I realise I'm probably just being very dense and this is probably a very stupid question but I was just wondering about the minimum 42 cp from science units requirement as part of the degree. It says that this applies in the handbook but in eStudent on the course overview it lists the required...
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    Gillet has the best hair of any lecturer. Ever. It has a certain He-Man quality to it.
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    AHIS140 and AHIS120

    I'll be doing AHIS120 this year but I did AHIS140 2 years ago and I really enjoyed it. It's really interesting and quite broad. BTW, if you can get Mark for your tutor please do. He's hilarious.
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    MQ Roll Call 2012

    I've actually just transferred degrees so I'm pretty much starting all over. I changed from a BA Dip Ed to a BABSc majoring in Ancient History and Museum Studies.
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    Whats your major?

    Ancient history :)
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    AHIS212, AHIS218 and AHIS280

    Hi there MQ bos-ers! Just wondering if any of you had done any of these units before? Oh, and with AHIS218 (Latin A) is it iLectured? I know it's in a seminar format but it clashes with not one, but two other units I want to do :angryfire: Bec.
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    Museum of Ancient cultures

    I think it's open 9-4 weekdays.