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    who is this?

    who is this?
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    future of dry cells and button cells

    does anyone have ideas or information on future directions of dry cells and button cells? personal opinions welcome :)
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    iupac, systematic names

    yep practically d same, iupac names, just named after d organisation IUPAC :)
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    speed reading.

    sc is pretty easy. just read everything in reading time and understand what u have ahead and then calculate approx times needed for each section. then u do d exam :)
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    MRI vs PET

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    medical physics help

    does anyone have any info on when PET scanning was developed?
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    What school to go to for HSC?

    doesnt really matter wat school
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    urgent maths help needed!

    f(x)=(sinx)/x , find f'(x) and hence show f(x) is monotomic decreasing between 0 and pi/2 wat do u do after finding 1st derivative??