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  • tried messaging you but it didnt let me
    Firstly congrats on 85! As someone who got a band 5 for standard english and a band 3 for extension english that definitely gets me excited. can you tell me more about hte course what you liked/didnt like and if theres any 'tricks' as such
    I noticedd. its okay though i forgive you this time i guess

    ohhh okay that makes sense. nice to know my pain is worth 5 marks!

    you're doing a BSci(Adv. Maths) too right?
    "logistic map" *gives up*

    still better than those /actual/ maps back in the first weeks - fractals are cute!

    okay but how does SSP even scale anything does it even have an impact on marks for MATH1901 is life just futile
    I can barely draw these fucking cobweb diagrams, wtf I signed up for maths not art fucking class.

    But srs Q3 is just lol, looked at it and just gave up.
    IDEK something to do with my friends apparently all telling him i was a maths freak IM NOT EVEN ASHAMED

    he said he went to Sy123's school? I think?

    Ugh tell me about it. im doing it rn but wtf is question 3 everything is cool except for that tragedy take me back to that disease assignment pls
    some guy outside SSP told me i should meet this guy called matthew or something with curly brown hair lol so lucky guess ofc

    nope we haven'ttt actually!
    sorry i was obviously talking about the roots

    i knew itttt! i have no defining qualities except my knack at predicting the weather horribly wrong ("looks like its gonna be warm today better wear my thinnest t-shirt!" fml), so idk how to say who i am
    oh shit just saw this

    well today I came in drenched in water idk if that narrows it down to at least 3/4 of the tute?

    wait are you the guy with the brown curly hair?
    Hey mate how are you? I know you are considered to be a decent tutour around here, and I really need help with something. I have trouble calculating the area of an octagon using conventional formulas, would you happen to have your own formula for this that you could share with me? Thanks heaps sis. xD : d
    I ended up picking both MATH190X, not the SSP... I don't think I would be fit for that kind...

    How about you?
    Lol nicely done - I was like no there's noone named "--" you can PM me... and are you talking about 2013 HSC Class or 2014 HSC Class?
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