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  • Thanks - I have Carrot's number, although I dont know if I will make it at 9. Also, I always check my PMs, Im just slow at responding to many.
    Btw, Fizzy said he spoke with some markers and they did accept the solar cells for the photocell question.

    Lucky, cause I got 92 external, which would have dropped to 88/89 otherwise (I'm pretty sure I had a perfect answer).

    And I still got 14/20 mc lol.

    Can you PM me your marks if you don't mind?
    Look carefully. It says "aim". He never actually got the mark. Some guy in a thread here posted the link up in buy/sell lol.
    Don't worry to much about it. Everyone will feel bad about something. The only exams that I am happy with no mistakes are English 1 and 2. So many mistakes in everything else, but oh well.

    If you tried your best, then you should be happy. I'm speculating that I may only get a low band 5 for Physics or maybe even band 4, but I know that I tried my best. Just needed a better class teacher really. I have no control over that.

    I'm really hoping for good marks in Age of Silicon though lol. Maybe that can get me a Band 6.

    And this year, there were two extended responses and 7 marks in core curveballs:
    - the 2 marks for the braking generator
    - the 5 marks for the photocell (Although I have worked with LDRs before and and I know that they are photocells, but HSC markers don't know that).

    So I think the cut-offs will be 2 or 3 marks lower for this years Physics and 4-unit.

    Anyway, good luck with everything, relax and enjoy.

    Speak to you soon:D
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