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  • LOL Dw br8. It's soooo much bloody work. /wrists
    And look at guys like determine. No extensions or sciences.
    I'll be one with it soons m8, dw. And lol it's nothing (though you could smd biatch)

    And noice, sounds good (Jac isn't really to the point most of the time)
    I f33l da <3.
    Give me like a day or two to sort everything out okay. Megaupload is a biatch.

    I'm not gonna be on this site anymore (haven't done crap the whole holidays) so i'll just leave ofline msg's msn.
    Yeah m8. I've finished consolidating Space. Yeah i've heard M&G can be a real bitch (started it a while ago then stopped).
    Haha :p And umm Jacaranda. (like the only good one). But iv'e also downloaded a lot of notes online/from friends. Wanna know where?
    Yeah far out so many stalkers. Post more. (it's creepy ya know)
    Noice work. I'm just focusing on phys and MX2 these holidays. I'm fairly confident with my other subs :)
    Haha m8 yours sounded good. Good view of the fireworks? Lol mines was a real cockfest. We should've planned it with other groups seriously :(

    Yeah we did. Found this place on some hill. Some other firiends got a harbourfront house. FUCK. What time'd you get home?
    Haha nah mate. We just walked around the city for ages (and i was only on the verge of tipsy :(). You do much? Bet you hooked up ;)
    Yeah ikr. Though at least it builds articulacy. But why's it compulsorily counted for the atar!
    Lol yeh brah. You still dogging 4 unit maths even though you gunned it? :p (sorry man, had to be said)
    Lol i have no bloody clue. Might choose to do my own (coz i'm speshal).

    It isn't so much content as in all of it is linked together. Also, the content is quite straightforward and not too complex to understand imo.
    And dw mate, you could probably teach it all to yourself properly in ~3 weeks. (and your teacher will have a schedule on finishing it either way)

    I'm beggining to worry about English. It isn't as easy as it was a couple of years ago :(
    Hahah nws. I've been chilling as well (bwood and homebush).
    Though best to integrate work into your routine now so you can also chill later in the holidays.

    Gl man! I've got one too for eco. Collecting articles haha ><
    nah lol I fucked it up pretty bad actually. HSC mark was 91, 92 internal and 90 external. Our cohort did really bad this year. I was ranked 11th/100 and last year the person who was ranked 11th got 95 for internals... I only got 92 hahah pretty disappointing
    Haha mate i've got the power of Harry behind me! (weird as i get absolutely smashed in the tests there, so hard)

    How's life/HSC/everythingelse?
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