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  • No no no trust me my creative wasn't that good. I re-read over my post and it sounds really good when I summarised it but it wasn't that good when I wrote it and I don't think its central enough the way I wrote it. Ah well- can't change that now. My essay I think was decent, short answers I honestly don't know.

    All up: No idea haha. Now modules to go... and then eco... and then you've got bio. Shit.

    But yeah- no point worrying about it- just rip shit up tomorrow.
    Yeah I hope I don't get effed up by them either haha. My Frank is 1070 words but obviously depending on the question, it might turn out longer or shorter. It used to be 1200 (like I had a 1200 for trials) but timing was really, really close and the questions were nice in trial so I had to cut it down because if I need time to think, I won't finish it in time. How long's yours?
    Nah its not late. I did my belonging and Frank yesterday lol. Did my Hammy this morning and doing Mod C now haha. Strongleavingmemorisationlate/10. Though I've been going over notes and everything too so hopefully it turns out alright... And then eco too- WAY too many stats and stuff to remember for that- especially given that case study will probs happen imo
    ... Cant tell if Chrome is trolling me by saying my private message is not sent ... or if I'm just retarded :L
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