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  • That would've been so cool! There's a town a couple of hours drive from mine that had fireworks at their jetty and stuff that we wanted to go to, but my mum had to work 6am the next day and would've only gotten 3 hours sleep or something so she promised us next year :D I can usually stay up past 11:30 on new years eve, but if I'm not at a party or have family over or something and we're just sitting around watching tv I find it reeeeally hard to stay awake. If I'm distracted that seems to help? haha
    I reckon it'd be cool to have a twin, but I can see how it would get annoying sometimes :) I saw a couple go off around my neighbourhood, but nothing too spectacular. We planned to stay up and watch the ones on tv, but I was too tried and just went to bed haha
    Not yet, hopefully before I finish school though :D Yes we use those as well, I feel pretty proud when they struggle to hold it upright haha and my sister's 14 and half, she can be so annoying sometimes but I wouldn't trade her for the world :) Do you have any siblings?
    Probably, but my parents are black belts and like weapons so I convinced them I was old enough for my own XD My sister keeps taking it and posing in front of a mirror with it haha
    Hello!-Happy New Year!
    Actually, I really have no idea, I have a feeling that rep power is interrelated to the number of posts that an individual makes-it is accumulated over time, and a like is just liking someone's posts-since the like feature is only introduced recently, and rep-power has been in existence for a long time, I really have no idea-sorry about that:)
    Hope you are enjoying your holidays so far:)
    Yeah it was pretty awesome, I got a sword :D I spent most of Christmas day taking care of all my little cousins, definitely made me tired too haha
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