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  • Will always remember the penalty shootout that got Australia to the WC in 06. Far, so intense!

    And with your bowling, if you're getting wickets, then that's fine! Haha, but dancing is still funny. =P And the way your rents told you to get back inside, don't worry I get that a lot too, but I just them it's good exercise and ignore them haha, then they give up. :)

    Similarly to you, my family aren't fanatics, they watch it and my dad supports teams but not to the extent of the hardcore. Rely mainly on fanatical friends and neighbours. :) And yes, I do agree cricket is easy to train by yourself, bowling or batting is easily done as well. Football by yourself is mainly dribbling and shooting training (to an extent).
    Oh yeah, love diving saves, especially during penalties, so epic. =D But really yeah, they rarely get tested, unless they're getting hammered by an epic team like Barcelona or something haha.

    Harbhajan, like I said is a good bowler, but off the field, he's quite a douche so yeah. I'm trying to imagine your action; all I'm getting is some weird guy dancing down the pitch LOL. :)

    Good to know I'm not alone, nice to have a healthy mix of education and exercise.
    Lol, short keepers are cool. The Mexican team keeper is like 1.7m which is nothing compared to those 2m behemoths in the world. :O
    Though I have to admit, I really do admire someone who managed to learn to play off the TV, haha.
    I don't like Harbhajan that mch lol, he's a good bowler and all but I find him...rather irritating lol.
    And as for me football positioning, wingers are meant to be speedy but I enjoy minimal running lol, but yeah, there are plenty who can't decide on a position for years.
    Shadowdude, since your thread is locked, I'll have to continue here. :)

    OMG, you're a goalie as well? Ahaha, I'm assuming you're pretty tall, I'm like short-medium-ish so I play on the wing a lot in football. Holy, we play both cricket and soccer. =P

    And for the note, I liked keeping because there was minimal running involved :) I know, pretty weird since I play winger in football lol.
    Well, given your posts on BoS - you clearly don't know enough about the scaling and aligning systems to make informed judgements about them. *shrugs*
    So do you give ATAR estimates when you clearly don't understand the system? =\
    Ah. So its with an assumption that my mark will be approximately 50% in comparison with the state.
    e.g. For english, an approximate mark of 75%.

    Thanks :D What would P75 - P90 get me, if you dont mind.
    lol! I dont know how my 09 cohorts did :( I know that the 08s did really good especially in chemistry :D

    Also, how did you figure out the atar, if you dont mind me asking.
    hahaha my school ranks 442 and yet I write my school name :D
    Though i'd rather not :(

    fuck why do we have to go to shitty schools >: (

    ooh ooh estimate my atar :D (just finished stalking you)
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