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  • sorry i went to a link... and saw u saying that if the highest HSC exam mark is 90 then the person who is ranked first in their subject will get that HSC mark?

    *looks at your signature* Holy crap you do a LOT of subjects lol. BOTH EX2 and MX2 - that's insane. In an awesome way of course. :)

    How's the workload? :p
    If this Eddie I seriously feel like giving you hug, it has been THAT long. Remember in primary school we were like, best friends for a while? :)
    Do you have a problem with handing out your actual first name? Cuz if you don't I'm inanely curious to know what is so, may I?
    Some pidgin English for you from John Harding's One Big Damn Puzzler (very funny stuff,great read)

    "At first, gwanga I is think you is be shit teacher.
    But then I is realise you is teach plenty good and teach me words like "is" mebbe. First you is try to teach me "cat" and "dog" which is not be words I is know here. Is on big island? No gwanga I is not want for hear you make noise of cat again. Now what is be dog? Is be some hair furball you is eat just like cat? Man, Americans is be crazy! All is be plenty crazy for Americans
    They're plenty damn crazy I is say but everyone here is know that..." :p

    Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I'm out
    English Adv, Extension 1, Extension 2.
    Mathematics 2U
    Modern History, History Extension
    Business Studies
    Philosophy Distinction Course
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