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  • hey man, you probably don't come on here very often, but I'll try anyway, are you still selling your ACTL1001 textbook?
    ohhh i had 5 days of uni T_T....
    my exams were alright. i think i did relatively well in accounting and maths...did okay in management but not that well in eco...

    ohhhh wellll..cross fingers for good mark
    study mode as in getting ready for sem 2 hahah. sem 2 starts on 19th of july. so yea, i dont want to get behind like last time...i have been going way too easy on uni hence falling behind T_T.

    i am doing actl1001, math1251, acct1511 and math1081!! we will prob see each other alot in math1081 since it is small cohort! its timetable is terrible tho...4 lectures per week + 2 tutorials what the freak...
    haha it's alright. been going out everyday but now, i need to settle down and relax abit to get into study mode soon. what subs are u doing next sem?
    hey hey- could you please email me the 2005 SBHS solutions?
    I'm stuck on a question and it's driving me insnae!
    Mostly middle - upper campus but i am at the lower campus once a week.
    Hehehe yeah, i use the electrical eng building to get a lift up to the upper campus XD
    fridays i got off 12-1. Haha if i was to skip a lecture i'd be so stuffed, mine are all 3-4 hours long. Man 5 days a week must be a killer, but i guess you're not working and trust me uni is a lot better than work!

    No good songs? :O Have you heard 'Not Afraid' it juts came out as a single off his new album called 'Recovery' for obvious reasons. It is only the second ever song to debut at #1 on Billboard Charts, which is pretty crazy. Can't wait for the rest of the album to be released!

    Nah CMP doesn't have a huge workload, mainly because nearly all of my assignments have been in pairs or groups, which can be a good and bad thing sometimes. Soo looking forward to the end of sem break though
    Lol i duno man, i saw luckshen, navin and hari on friday though, was half asleep outside the CLB on the seats though so cbb getting up and they looked in a hurry neway. Uni's alright getting more stressful slowly... wbu? Checked my timetable for next sem and i got 3 days a week nooo that's a lot for me lol

    Yeah lol eminem is a gun :p
    Ahaha yeah. I'm putting off so many things and exams are approaching :'(
    If you see me, say hi. I'm notoriously blind and horrible at spotting people while i'm preoccupied XD
    Ahaha no worries XD
    Uni work is pretty easy so far, but my back log of work is piling up again >.<"
    Civil engo is pretty good so far :D Could be better but then again, i'm always one to complain XD
    Hey, you're doing Comm/Advanced Math right?

    Sorry this is really random, but I'm going to be transferring into that course next year and was wondering whether you found SCIF worth it?

    I'm Leon, that Marketing guy in the Math1151 lectures:p

    P.s. You should come to ASOC camp

    P.P.S Teach me maths :p Jokes xP

    Just curious but are you going to be doing QR?
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