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  • Oh cool, I'll listen to it now. Just finished a powerpoint for a presentation i have to do tomorrow but need to find a USB (just saved it on my phone). Same here, i can't wait for end of sem break, too much uni work atm. lol, at ur lectures being 3-4hrs long lol, i'm lucky i can skip mine but the content is really hard to learn by urself, so i have to ask others or try to read the textbook at home, which i never do coz i'm smashed after uni (not literally lol). Anyways, cya at uni. May try to get to uni at 12 on friday, where u at usually on fri?
    Yeah, uni's a lot of work. Beginning was an epic bludge, now all the work i haven't completed is catching upto me. I usually come to uni late (~12 or later) because i skip lectures. When's ur break on friday? Early?
    Tried the rectangles thing for UNSW but my cpu lagged (has only 256MB RAM and internet's shit now) but it didn't work. I know i have at least 4 days of uni though, so it' sucks. gonna try to make 4 days and rest on the 5th day or something.

    Yeah, eminem is gun but he hasn't realised any good songs for ages. Anyways, how's ur uni? Is Construction Management hectic?
    I see that you've changed ur dp on BoS to Eminem...nice. How's uni? I never c u?
    Nah, just wondering. You were talking about marketing in some thread and I was like :O he might be doing the same course as me! But I guess not :p
    Hey Mate, how are you going? I'm doing the Base slab, I hope we meet soon, I usually sit in the front rows. :D
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