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  • Bahaha! You do realise I'm joking, right? I talk like that when I'm mucking around =P

    Well, next time I see you on a thread I'll totally neg-rep you... it's just what friends do lol
    hahaha... yeah I hate that.

    was way creepy actually, went back to school in the morning! but no classes, so it was fine =)

    went for a drive, headed down to the lake and just enjoyed the sun. came home, died on couch for several hours, ate dinner. hectic day lol.

    well, the humidity pwned me today. totally crashed on the couch at like 3-4ish.

    and totally went through maccas drive thru just for a massive cup of cold water =P

    old chum. sarcasm, yeah?
    That's mighty strange considering I've seen much more abusive stuff go unnoticed or no action taken against it.
    Everyone seems to flame in NS and they don't get banned so it doesn't seem to be a problem.
    Spamming would only be an issue in a forum that isn't NS, unless it was a nazi mod.
    Yeh (in regards to flaming), there would be some kind of threshold on what they don't deem as acceptable but as you've probably seen, it seems to be fairly high.

    And for some strange reason, some of the new mods are really into bein picky about sig sizes.
    It's a hell of a lot more lenient.
    As far as I know so long as you aren't (too) racist or flamey, and no pr0n pics, I don't think they really care (considering flaming seems to be what NS is all about).

    But heaven forbid if your sig is a pixel or two over -.-
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