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steph xx
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  • it's ok bby I'm self sufficient I make my own samwich
    all you have to do is sit next to me and look pretty
    i didnt study alot for economics ( most of the concepts i got first time around in class) , one or two i looked at again after class but that was about it, my only real study for economics was for the assessment tasks, and like 2 weeks before the trials and hsc i would try to bash as much content into my head as possible, the concepts in economics i thought were fairly easy

    most of my study time went into my maths and science
    dont worry about that topic, it doesnt even show up in the hsc course, all you need to know is that the share market is extremely volitile ( because of, i think they refer to it as herd behaviour, when something goes wrong ( e.g. exchange rates fall suddenly), everyone rushes to sell their currency to aviod further losses) and that the share market acts a means for businesses to obtain money for their operations. and the difference between debt financing and equity financing , and the advantages/disadvantages of those.

    got any questions with what i said are anything feel free to mesage back
    because its not cool to be anonymous on the internet
    thats for lame-o people. i dont think you're lame-o.
    all the cool kids here post pics, including me
    lol not poor, most food we have for lunch/dinner is cooked, like cooked chicken & vegetables etc... it's only in raw form currently, and I cant really cook myself so yeh stuck.

    There's also cereal/milk/bread/nutella etc... which are more snacks imo.
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